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Summer Symphony stories: Lisa Tessarowicz and Hannah Parsons‏

Epicentral Coworking Cofounders share their Summer Symphony Story

Lisa Tessarowicz and Hannah Parsons‏

In anticipation of Summer Symphony‘s return to Colorado Springs in late June, we’ve invited members of the community to share their memories and impressions of this exciting event. This is the third post in a series.

Words by: Lisa Tessarowicz and Hannah Parsons, cofounders, Epicentral Coworking

Between the two of us, we know how to run a coworking space, how to buy and sell real estate, and how to manage assets. Something we don’t know much about is music. When we show up at Epicentral Coworking in the morning we have three important tasks: turn on the lights, make the coffee, and choose the music. We have each spent minutes, sometimes many, many, many minutes agonizing over the right music to play. But here’s what we’ve learned: when in doubt, play classical. We have a very diverse group of members, all with their own musical preferences, but no one ever complains and no fights ensue when we play classical. Classical music is always appropriate, no matter the task at hand. Classical music can make you productive, relaxed, creative, energized, or focused. Classical music is never the wrong choice.

So, we spend a lot of our time building community, and we’ve found classical music to be a key factor, which is why we couldn’t be more excited about the return of Summer Symphony. We can’t wait to bring our family, friends, coworking members, picnics, blankets, and chairs to parks all around the city and enjoy this much missed series. There are few things that can bring a community together like free music outside. And there is no better way to celebrate our community, its beauty, and its talented residents than by meeting in our parks and listening to the Philharmonic. We are big proponents of eliciting pride in our city, elevating the reputation of Colorado Springs, and increasing community attachment. The Summer Symphony does all of this and more. The outdoor series makes us proud to live here; we have beautiful parks, delightful evenings, a highly acclaimed Philharmonic, and amazing neighbors. The Summer Symphony is also the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends, plan a date night, watch your kids dance, meet new people, and make positive memories.

We are very aware of the importance of building a community that invests in its children. We want the children in our community to be innovators, creators, artists, and citizens. We know the best way to introduce important issues to children is through simple, fun events. We can’t think of a better way to encourage a love and appreciation of the Symphony than to bring it to the parks on summer evenings.

So get your friends and family together, plan your picnic menu, pack up your blankets and chairs, and meet us at the park – we can’t wait to see you there!



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