10:20 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

Senate District 11 Recall Reference Information

With the Secretary of State set to conduct a hearing on the protest filed regarding the Senate District 11 Recall Election and with many changes to state election law, the Clerk and Recorder felt it would be beneficial to outline important reference information for your use.


Time Frame

§  Based on the provisions of Colorado law, the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office plans to ask the Governor to schedule the Senate District 11 Recall Election for August 27th, 2013.



§  House Bill 13-1303 (HB-1303) specifies that all active registered voters, along with those formerly designated as Inactive Failed to Vote, will receive a mail ballot.  The Clerk and Recorder’s Office has estimated the number of voters that should expect to receive a ballot to be 68,622.  Only registered voters within the Senate District 11 boundaries are eligible to vote in the Recall Election.

§  Ballots will be mailed to voters 18-22 days before the election.

§  Mail ballots must be received by the Clerk and Recorder’s Office by 7:00 PM on Election Day to be counted.

§  Voters will be able to verify that the Clerk and Recorder’s Office has received their ballot by visiting www.govotecolorado.com.

§  If a voter is uncertain that their ballot will be delivered to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office in a timely fashion, they are encouraged to drop off their ballot at one of the four secure, 24-hour ballot drop-off locations.  (See below.)

§  The ballot will be divided into two sections; one section will ask whether Senator John Morse should be recalled, the other section will allow voters to choose a successor candidate.

§  Voters must vote on the recall question to have their vote for a successor candidate counted.  If a voter skips the recall question and only votes for a successor candidate, nothing on the ballot will be counted.

§  Voters should mark their ballot in either blue or black ink.



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