11:17 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Sen. Lambert’s statement on the Revenue Forecast‏

Sen. Lambert’s statement on the Revenue Forecast

Today Senator Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs, issued the following statement on the Revenue Forecast:

“Both of the economic forecasts released today by OSPB and Legislative Council, while positive in the short-term, give us reasons for concern about the underlying fundamentals of our state’s economy. While general fund revenue has grown and added to our reserves, much of the 2013 year-end surplus was derived from one-time events and not a predictor of healthy expansion into 2014 and beyond.”

“Uncertainties in the national and international picture, such as new Federal Reserve targets for 2014 and the unknown impacts of federal sequestration, suggest that we need to refocus on strengthening Colorado’s favorable business growth, such keeping low tax rates and reducing unnecessary rules and over-regulation.”

Senator Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) represents the Senate Republican Caucus on the Joint Budget Committee. He represents Senate District 9 in El Paso County.



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