10:25 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

Saturday June 29, 2013 PSICC Fire Update‏

Last night’s thunderstorms rumbled over the Pike and San Isabel National
Forests with an impressive lightning display and scattered rain. In its wake the Pueblo Interagency
Dispatch Center received several smoke reports. Air Attack flew a reconnaissance flight over both
forests and detected two new starts. Phantom fire (BLM land) is located one mile west of Adelaide,
Colorado. Currently at a quarter of an acre with moderate spread. The other is Long Scraggy located on
the South Platte Ranger District currently two tenths of an acre with low to moderate spread.
An engine along with a suppression module (ten person initial attack crew) have been dispatched to
Phantom. One engine has been dispatched to Long Scraggy. Both fires are receiving air support from a
single engine air tanker (SEAT).



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