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Running the Red Light Gauntlet‏


Citizens for Responsible Aurora Government

City of Aurora – Addicted to Red Light Cameras

Red Light Camera’s 2.0 or Navigating the Aurora Red Light Gauntlet

Over two years after CRAG highlighted that the initial red light camera installations had no effect on intersection accident rates, the City of Aurora red light juggernaut rolls on. red-light-camera-press-release-Jan3-2011.html

On May 24th, a CRAG member submitted another open records request to ascertain the current status of the program. RedLightCORAandResponse.pdf

The city has repeatedly stated that the purpose of the cameras is to:

1) Reduce the accident rate
2) Reduce the severity of the accidents
3) To hold drivers accountable
4) To change driver behavior.

CRAG believes none of these goals have been accomplished and the entire red light program is an utter failure.

When asked to repeat the data comparison that CRAG used in its initial report two years ago, and provide a current “before & after” accident rate at each of the now 14 red light intersections, the city replied:

“We do not have this information in any current report. Even if we designed a query, many accident reports upon individual review, would include accidents that were not intersection related (i.e. in adjoining parking lot or half a block away etc), which would require labor and time intensive analysis.”

This caviler response begs the question . . . How can you quantify accident data, when you are not even reviewing the material? How can you make the case that red light cameras reduce the accident rate and severity if you are not researching the data?

CRAG believes the City of Aurora cameras are “all about the money”. RedLightTicketRevenue.pdf

– In 2012, gross revenues climbed to $3,251,483
– Since mid 2010, 135,266 tickets have been issued. This amounts to thousands of tickets being issued per month.

Ironically, power point slides from the Police Dept presentation, allegedly showing violations, distracted drivers, near misses and actual crashes highlight that having red light cameras makes no difference in driver behavior. [This is a large 36 page color pdf. This file will take 2-4 minutes to load] RedLightPDPresentation.pdf

When asked what percent of fines are written off as non-collectable, the city responded “Violations are not ‘written of(f) as non-collectable’ they are sent to collections and reported to the credit bureau until paid.” The city has made it their mission to hound people and force them to pay.

Some local activists have considered the initiative process to scale back the use of automated ticketing devices.

On July 8th, Aurora City Council will consider the matter and will vote on whether to continue the existing contract for another year. RedLightVendorContract.pdf

CRAG urges Aurora residents to attend and testify, and oppose renewing this contract. The ill will generated by these “big brother” installations and the lack of effectiveness should convince council to have these nuisance devices removed.

You can review the remaining open record’s request content at the following links:

– Attachment “C” – “Client Summary Report By Location”
– Attachment “E” – “Signal Timing Data”

As the final slide in police department presentation notes “Someone is always watching…”



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