1:54 am - Thursday February 22, 2018

Mobile Tech: Who Texts More, Men or Women?

The continued proliferation of mobile devices has resulted in more consumers who utilize cell phone texting. According to a new study released by The Media Audit, more females utilize texting via a mobile device or a smart phone. Among the nearly two-thirds of U.S. consumers who utilize texting, 52.1% are women, while 47.9% are men.  In total, there are more than 88 million consumers across The Media Audit’s 80+ measured markets who text.

With nearly half of all U.S. consumers who now own smart phones, mobile marketing has become a significant driving force behind major brands to small mom and pop businesses who want to market products and services or offer a special “deal of the day” to consumers who are on the move.

The study further found that certain ethnic groups are more likely to text. According to the findings, 71.1% of Asian consumers reportedly utilize texting, a figure that is 16% higher than the general population, while 65.1% of all Hispanics text, a figure that is 7% higher than the general population.

Also, those consumers who are more likely to text include younger consumers. For example, 83.2% of those 18 to 24 year olds text, a figure that is 36% higher when compared to the general population, while those who are 25 to 34 years old are 30%  more likely to text.

As a result, advertisers looking to reach younger consumers are likely to utilize mobile marketing tactics  to a greater extent to engage with them.


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