10:44 pm - Tuesday January 23, 2018

Local Business Celebrates Outrageous Digital Milestone‏

Great Clips Celebrates Major Digital Milestone With Online Check-In 
Innovative technology helps boost sales as 10 millionth customer checks in online!

 Great Clips Inc., the world’s largest hair salon brand with salons in our area, celebrates its Online Check-in — the interactive shortcut for haircuts — as the 10 millionth customer checked in online at a Great Clips salon this month. Great Clips, the first in the haircare industry to introduce online check-in, reports the technology’s huge success has contributed to the company’s 34 consecutive months of sales growth and 29 consecutive months of increased customer counts.

“We are thrilled to report that our Online Check-in has been a huge success as we continue to explore new technology to improve the customer experience,” says Rhoda Olsen, CEO of Great Clips. “We have remained the industry leader because we seek out technology innovation – not because it’s a shiny new toy – but because it helps our customers and keeps them coming back for more. We have always known people want a great haircut at a great price, but we also know that customers crave the convenience and short wait times that online check-in offers.”

High-Tech Haircut
The Digital “Do”

Online Check-in was introduced in 2011 and is available at 3,300 Great Clips salons across the U.S and Canada. It allows customers to remotely log in from a computer or smart phone and view estimated wait times at surrounding salons. Customers click the “check-in” icon to add their name to the list at the Great Clips salon of their choice, and by the time they arrive, they are likely next or almost next in line — saving precious time they might spend waiting in the lobby for their haircut.

App-lause! Digital Success Story:

• Recently, the 10 millionth customer checked in online to a Great Clips salon.   More than 800,000 customers a month use Great Clips Online Check-in. With the rate of growth, the company expects to hit an average of 1 million customers a month using online check-in by the end of summer.

• Great Clips recognizes customers want convenience right at their fingertips, so the company made huge advancements in mobile marketing by creating an Online Check-in App. 70 percent of Great Clips customers who used Online Check-in downloaded the Online Check-in app for Android and  iPhone.

• Customers have downloaded the Great Clips’ Online Check-in app more than 1.5 million times. By the end of this year, the company expects to hit 2 million app downloads.

• Due to the success of Online Check-in, many Great Clips salons nationwide have installed in-salon monitors to display waiting lists to customers, with more adding them every day. The monitors show customers where they are on the list, how many customers checked in online and how many have yet to arrive.



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