3:19 pm - Sunday February 25, 2891

CloudMe integrates with WinZip to provide secure EU cloud storage and file sharing

European cloud powerhouse CloudMe.com announces its integration with WinZip compression and encryption software


 CloudMe, The European Sync/Storage Service, today announced integration with WinZip to offer secure cloud storage and file sharing. With control over its data center and servers within the borders of the European Union, CloudMe gives customers the added security of storing their files in compliance with strong EU data protection laws.

WinZip helps companies keep files safe with enterprise controls that make it easy for IT departments to manage which cloud storage services employees are allowed to access. Network administrators can ensure employees are only able to access approved cloud services, such as CloudMe, with WinZip 17.5 and set policies enforcing AES encryption and password protocols. With these controls, businesses can take advantage of the security provided under national data protection laws.

“The new WinZip offers direct integration with CloudMe, giving European users an easy and powerful way to zip, encrypt, save and share their files using a true European storage service,” says Jacques Lamontagne, Director of Marketing and Product Management at WinZip.

“CloudMe is in a unique position to guarantee privacy for customers in Europe. Operating under the strong privacy laws of Sweden, a neutral country within the European Union, CloudMe customer data is stored on servers that are protected from legislation in effect outside the EU, such as the Patriot Act,” says Daniel Arthursson, Founder of CloudMe.



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