9:13 am - Monday January 22, 2018

C.J. Moore shares her Summer Symphony Story

In anticipation of Summer Symphony‘s return to Colorado Springs in late June, we’ve invited members of the community to share their memories and impressions of this exciting event. This is the fifth post in a series.

Words by C.J. Moore, Public Affairs Director, Kaiser Permanente:

I am so thrilled to have the wonderful Summer Concert series return to our city parks! I have such great memories of the 4th of July at Memorial Park with the Symphhony’s 1812 Overture—and the cannon from Ft. Carson. What fun! We’d go early and park across from Memorial Park and ride our bicycles in. Mike (my late hubby), beelined for the funnel cakes and we’d get a prime spot as close up as we could and then get ready. My kids loved to watch the cannon being prepped for their performance and since we knew Susan Smith in the orchestra, we anxiously waited to see her and then wave frantically!

What better way to celebrate our nation’s birthday than under the stars, best junk food ever and our symphony orchestra. Wow—life was perfect!

Fast forward to 1994 and our permanent return to the Springs … Summer concert series was in great swing and they had actually initiated one in Mountain Shadows Park, which was in walking distance from our home. Now, that was really something—we trucked down blankets and lawn chairs and coolers and settled in for an evening of wonderful music! And we could have our favorite adult libations because we were walking home!

Then the budget cuts came in 2008 and the concerts were no more. While I appreciated the Academy’s offer of continuing the 4th of July celebration, it was just not the same as down at Memorial Park. No fireworks, no music—a sad day for our community.

But then in 2013, the summer concert series was back! Yipee! I am so looking forward to all of them that I can attend. Especially the one in Mountain Shadows Park on June 26. You see, I lost my home in the Waldo Canyon Fire and this one is a tribute to the wonderful and brave firefighters who fought that awful blaze. And I am so very proud to welcome the first responders and victims of the Black Forest fire. Because, for sure, those of us in Mountain Shadows know what they are going through.

So, a heartfelt “thank you” to the Philharmonic for helping to bring back our music and helping to build new generation of memories of 4th of July concerts and cannons roaring. It just isn’t summer without it.


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