2:27 pm - Tuesday November 21, 2017

Attorney General Annoucnes 71-Count Indictment Against Medical Marijuana Dispensaries And Owners

The statewide grand jury has indicted Conley Hoskins (DOB 11-26-78), Dallan Dirkmaat (DOB 02/21/76), Brenden Joyce (DOB 09/21/79), and nine other individuals for defrauding investors and running an illegal medical marijuana grow operation. The twelve indicted individuals face 71 criminal counts related to the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA) and felony charges for tax evasion, securities fraud and money laundering.


“The first red flag that something was askew came from the careful oversight of Colorado’s Department of Revenue,” said Deputy Attorney General Matthew Durkin. “These individuals stole money from their investors to pay off personal debts and hid their illicit proceeds from law enforcement and taxing authorities and illegally expanded their medical marijuana production capabilities.”
The other nine indicted individuals are David Krause (DOB 03/27/51) Nathan Newman (DOB 09/29/81), Kurt Criter (DOB 03/09/73), Yesenia Melendez (DOB 08/26/90), Carlos Meza (DOB 09/29/89), Ryan Tripp (DOB 10/14/79), Dialyne Parker (DOB 03/09/76), Gerald Searle (DOB 11/06/78) and Audra Wimer (DOB 02/03/87).
The indictment alleges an elaborate pattern of racketeering that began in January 2008. Hoskins, Dirkmaat and Krause are accused of engaging in a scheme to buy, sell, deal, cultivate and/or distribute medical marijuana in Colorado and at least one other state while committing securities fraud, theft, forgery, evading taxes and attempting to influence public servants through deceit. The enterprise evolved into a distribution ring, in part, because many members had long-standing personal and business connections with one another.
Hoskins, and Dirkmaat’s ran business ventures together in construction, car washes and medical marijuana dispensaries. The dispensary that Hoskins owned and managed occasionally utilized the legal services of Dirkmaat and were co-located in the same building as the People’s Law Firm. The indicted dispensaries are Jane Medicals, LLC, and All Care Wellness Centers, LLC.

Over time, Hoskins’ business interests evolved and he drew on his personal relationships and business experiences to raise capital from investors. He then used those investor funds to run illegal grow operations in Adams, Denver and Larimer Counties.
The filing of criminal charges or an indictment is merely a formal accusation that an individual committed a crime. Each defendant should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. These cases will be prosecuted in Jefferson County by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office. The next appearance for most of the indicted individuals is July 9, 2013.



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