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Vestas produces its first prototype wind turbine blades in U.S. at Colorado factory

Vestas introduced Wednesday its first prototype wind turbine blades ever manufactured by the company in the United States. The prototype blades are for its new V117-3.3 MW wind turbine.


The 57.5-meter blades, about 189 feet each in length, for the V117-3.3 MW are the longest ever manufactured in the in the United States.


The Brighton facility is the only Vestas factory in the world equipped to produce this blade type. The Colorado factory will be producing more of these blades later in 2013 for a new wind-energy project in Denmark.


“Vestas chose the Brighton factory for the V117 prototype blade because it is one of the company’s newest factories with the most advanced technology as well as has available production capacity,” said Bjarne Sandager Nielsen, Senior Vice President of Vestas Blades. “This new blade demonstrates our approach of continuously optimizing our products while creating a flexible manufacturing capacity. We are confident the V117, along with the new V110-2.0 MW, will be successful in the U.S. and Canada.”


The V117 offers advanced blade technology while lowering the cost of energy, all without requiring significant capital investments in manufacturing. The V117 is based on proven technology of the V112-3.0 MW. Vestas’ Brighton blade factory features a modular and flexible production line capable of producing blades for both the V112 and V117 turbines. The V117 blades feature a wound root extension that lengthens the 55-meter blade (V112) by 2.5 meters. The Brighton factory’s flexible production line can transform between blade types within a single day.


The V117 is designed for areas with medium wind speeds. Annual energy production increases up to 7% when compared with the V112-3.0 MW.


Technical specifications of the V117-3.3 MW

Rotor diameter: 117m (384 feet)

Hub height: 91–116.5m (382 feet)

Rated power: 3,300 kW

Cut-in wind speed: 6.7 miles per hour

Cut-out wind speed: 56 miles per hour


Vestas Quick Facts


Globally: 17,000+

United States: 2,300+

Colorado: 1,100+


Vestas V117 prototype blade (Colorado)





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