12:38 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

USA Synchro Names National Teams

U.S. Open Squad, Three Other Teams Selected in Walnut Creek   


 USA Synchro announced its U.S. Open squad and three other national synchronized swimming teams Sunday following the final stage of trials in Walnut Creek, Calif.

The Senior U.S. Open training squad will compete at the U.S. Open Championships in Irving, Texas, July 9-13. The U.S. Junior National Team and 13-15 National Team will take part in the UANA Pan American Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in August.


The swimmers earning a spot on the U.S. Open training squad are:

  • Morgan Boneberg (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • McKinzie Chelberg (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Elizabeth Davidson (Riverside Aquettes)
  • Alyssa Hoying (Indy Synchro)
  • Jamie Kuchan (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Isabella Park (La Mirada Aquabelles)
  • Jasmine Pulido (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Sarah Rodriguez (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Alexa Tchekmarev (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Claire Wang (Santa Clara Aquamaids)

The 2013 U.S. Junior National Team, 13-15 National Team and 12 & Under National Team were also announced.

The 2013 U.S. Junior National Team:

  • Anita Alvarez (Town of Tonawanda Aquettes)
  • Claire Barton (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Karina Boyle (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Gillian Brassil (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Katie Gu (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Rachel Hyon (La Mirada Aquabelles)
  • Shiree Lee (La Mirada Aquabelles)
  • Isabel Malcolmson (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Sandra Ortellado (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Karensa Tjoa (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Monica Velazquez-Stiak (Scottsdale Arizona)
  • Elizabeth Wiita (MAC Synchro)

The 2013 U.S. 13-15 National Team:

  • Dana Drury (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Nicole Dzurko (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Olivia Ekberg (Arizona Desert Dolphins)
  • Natalie Fletcher (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Celine Joo (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Rachel Lau (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Jacklyn Luu (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Catalina Nedelcu (Riverside Aquettes)
  • Leilah Talukder (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Daria Torba (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Rachel Ye (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Arina Yu (La Mirada Aquabelles)

The 2013 U.S. 12 & Under National Team:

  • Chesnie Cheung (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Kate Chow (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Paige Gwaltney (Sacramento Synchro)
  • Hailee Heinrich (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Kaitlyn Hoang (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Ava Jih-Schiff (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
  • Colleen Li (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Reverie Nedde (ANA Synchers)
  • Aivan Nguyen (La Mirada Aquabelles)
  • Audrey Nguyen (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
  • Andrea Percic (Tualatin Hills Synchro)
  • Lindi Schroeder (ANA Synchers)
  • Aspen Smith (Arizona Desert Dolphins)
  • Emmanuella Tchakmakjian (New Canaan Y Aquianas)
  • Lexi Wagner (Minnesota Synchronettes)
  • Celine Wang (Santa Clara Aquamaids)



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