2:13 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Stakeout outside Hispanic Caucus and Dreamer Meeting

CHC Meets with Immigrant Youth Leaders who Demand “Right to Reunite” with Deported Mothers, Family Unity in Immigration Reform

 As the U.S. Senate prepares to begin the legislative process on the bipartisan immigration reform bill, the immigrant youth movement is demanding family reunification and clear, direct path to citizenship for all 11 million.  On Wednesday, May 8th at 12:45 pm, after a meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, United We Dream leaders will join Members of Congress for a press stakeout outside HVC215 in the Capitol Visitor’s Center.

As our nation prepares to celebrate Mother’s Day, DREAMers who have been separated from their mothers by our broken immigration system of excessive detentions and deportations will share their stories and their hope to finally be able to see their mothers again. Their mothers will also be available for interviews by Skype.

United We Dream is the lead organization pushing to protect and expand the “right to reunite” waiver provision in the Senate bill and to ensure that all families are able to stay together or be reunited.  UWD continues to condemn any border trigger or efforts to further militarize the border and insisted on a straightforward path that doesn’t leave anyone out.

WHAT: Stakeout of meeting between DREAMers and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

CHC Members

Lorella Praeli, Director of Advocacy and Policy, United We Dream
Evelyn Rivera, Orlando DREAMer, separated from her mom by deportation, and United We Dream National Coordinating Committee member
Yves Gomes, United We Dream affiliate Maryland Youth Dream Committee leader whose parents were both deported to India
Jose Machado, Miami DREAMer whose mother was deported and leader with United We Dream affiliate Students Working for Equal Rights (SWER)
Renata Borges Teodoro, Leader with Student Immigrant Movement, United We Dream affiliate from Boston, MA, whose entire immediate family was deported
Sagar Patagundi, Leader with United We Dream affiliate Kentucky Dream Team whose father was deported to India 

WHEN: Wednesday, May 8th at 12:45 pm

WHERE: Outside HVC215 (the House conference rooms in the Capitol Visitor’s Center)

To schedule interviews with DREAMers who have had a parent deported, or other leaders in the immigrant youth movement, please contact Kristin Ford at Kristin@unitedwedream.org

In addition, two dozen DREAMers and their moms will arrive in Washington, D.C. for the beginning of the markup process and will be visiting their Members of Congress, sitting in the audience as the Senate Judiciary Committee deliberates, and available for interviews.



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