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Spring Clean Up-Day – Southside Landfill

May 18, 2013, Sponsored by City of Pueblo and Waste Connections, Inc.


Citizens who reside in the City of Pueblo may dispose of residential permitted solid waste at the Southside Landfill free of charge for cars and pick-ups and at a discounted rate of 40% of the posted gate rate for tow trailers.  All surcharges and fees of the State of Colorado, County of Pueblo, or any other governmental entity will be paid by Waste Connections, Inc.  Commercial vehicles and enterprises are excluded from the discounted disposal rates.


You must be a City resident and show valid photo ID at the gate to participate.  Non-city residents will pay standard rates and fees.


The Southside Landfill, located just off Beulah Highway 78, will accept your permitted solid waste free of charge or at the discounted rate on May 18, 2013 — 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (weather permitting)



  • CARS AND PICKUP TRUCKS of solid waste/trash/yard trimmings – FREE!


  • TRAILERS – 40% of the posted gate rate




  • NO HAZARDOUS WASTE, such as paint, liquids, poisons, cleaners, oil, or toxics.  No TVs, computers, or electronics.




  • ALL LOADS MUST BE COVERED (road checkpoints will be in place)



COVERED LOADS REQUIRED:  Municipal Code Sec. 7-3-7, Transport of litter, garbage and trash, makes it unlawful and a municipal offense for any person to transport litter, garbage, rubbish or trash in a vehicle operated on any street or highway within the City in a manner which permits litter, garbage, rubbish or trash to spill, leak, drop, or be deposited from the vehicle; or without the load being adequately secured and enclosed or covered to prevent litter, garbage, rubbish or trash from dropping, spilling, leaking or otherwise escaping from the vehicle.  It is also unlawful and a municipal offense for any person collecting or transporting litter, garbage, rubbish, or trash to fail to immediately pick up all litter, garbage, rubbish, or trash which drops, spills, leaks, or is blown from the collecting or transporting container or vehicle.


Heavy public participation is anticipated, so please be prepared to wait in line for a lengthy period of time.  A valid photo ID that shows the resident’s correct address must be presented at the gate to take advantage of special rates.



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