3:13 pm - Sunday December 16, 0316

Recreational Use Of Marijuana Legislation

Attorney General releases statement

The following statement is to be attributed to Colorado Attorney General John Suthers in reaction to the Colorado General Assembly’s work to pass laws regarding the recreational use of marijuana.

“I believe that Amendments 64 is bad public policy, and that as a practical matter, it is difficult to do a good job of implementing bad public policy. However, given that the voters directed the Legislature to implement Amendment 64, and given that the marijuana industry had an aggressive and well financed lobbying effort, I believe the Legislature did a credible job of implementing most of the Marijuana Task Force’s recommendations. I am particularly relieved that the General Assembly passed a marijuana-impaired driving statute. I was disappointed that the Legislature did not adequately deal with the issue of child endangerment from marijuana use.


The Attorney General’s Office will continue to work with our state client agencies to implement regulations promulgated pursuant to the legislation passed during the 2013 session.”




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