4:59 am - Tuesday December 12, 2017

NSG’s $18.75 million Carbon Capture project supported by CSU Board

Neumann System Group, Inc. (NSG) is pleased to announce the submittal of a proposal for an $18.75 million grant to the Department of Energy / National Energy and Technology Laboratory (DOE/NETL) for a carbon capture technology to be hosted at the Colorado Springs Utility (CSU) Martin Drake facility. If successful, this project will create 35 to 40 direct jobs in Colorado Springs at no cost to the CSU ratepayers. This project was supported by the CSU Board of Directors and the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance.


“We have worked very hard to advance our patented Neustream® technology that turns Pollution-into-Products™. NSG’s Carbon Absorber Retrofit Enhancement (CARE) system advances the capability to improve our environment, our local economy and create a worldwide market for capturing carbon dioxide for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).  Each captured ton of carbon dioxide produces four barrels of oil that would have been lost.  EOR makes America more secure from the whims of Middle East countries that produce oil.  NSG has a high degree of confidence that DOE/NETL will accept our proposal to make America stronger and more independent from the Middle East oil cartels.”  Todd Tiahrt, CEO, NSG.


CSU’s Drake facility will host this ground breaking technology that captures carbon dioxide from the flue gas of coal electrical generating facilities using a patented system invented by NSG. When completed NSG will have the capability to produce a commercial system with transportable technology to locations, like oil fields in North Dakota and Texas that use EOR technology to produce oil.  These transformational ideas will have a dramatic impact on our energy security and our economy.



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