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“Miss Venezuela, All For The Crown”




miss venezuela

L-R: Harry Levy; Luis Eduardo Sabal, Vice President of Sales of Sony Entertaiment Television for South America;

Osmel Sousa; Viviana Gibelli, host of “Miss Venezuela: All For The Crown”; Jonathan Blum, Vice President & General

Manager of Venevision; and Marlon Quintero, Executive Producer & General Director of the realty show

The program will reveal, during the 15 weeks previous to the ‘Miss Venezuela,’

all the candidates’ preparations on their quest for the crown


Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola lead the list of more than 30 important commercial partners

who will promote their brands through the new reality show beginning in the month of July



Venevision and Sony Entertainment Television (SET) announced today the premiere of “Miss Venezuela, Todo Por La Corona” [Miss Venezuela, All For The Crown], a co-production that will be broadcasted in Venezuela beginning on July 15th, in addition to reaching television screens throughout Latin America via SET.  Prior to the iconic pageant, and through 15 weekly episodes, the program will share the selection process of the candidates, as well as the preparatory competition of the final group of 24 contestants with the television audience.  This original production has the support of a comprehensive list of more than 30 advertisers who saw this property as a perfect opportunity through which to connect with the local audience and to even take their message abroad.


“We are very pleased with how well local advertisers have received this new project.  ‘Miss Venezuela, All For The Crown’ is definitely a top-quality and novel program that’s projected to become the ideal platform for those brands of aspirational character,” stated Klaudia Bermudez, General Manager & Senior Vice President of Sony Pictures Television, Channels Latin America.


“The ‘Miss Venezuela’ pageant is one of the most recognized international events, generating countless stories around what has been considered as the creator of the world’s most remarkable women.  Therefore, we are confident that ‘Miss Venezuela, All For The Crown’ is here to meet the great demand of an audience hungry for details about the girls’ preparations and development on their quest for the crown,” emphasized Jonathan Blum, Vice President & General Manager of Venevision.


“The ‘Miss Venezuela’ has traditionally been the most-watched program on Venezuelan television, which makes it an excellent investment opportunity for our advertisers.  We are sure that incorporating fifteen new episodes of this reality show into this franchise will be only beneficial for our clients,” Blum added.


To date, the program already has a long list of advertisers, including: Always, Oral B, Procter & Gamble’s Dawny and Pantene; Coca-Cola Light, Oster, Calzados Chik’s, RS21, Kriza, Sifrinas, Pavitas, Maria Pizzola, Full Time, Scady and Calzados Beylis; Traviesa, BOD, Multinacional de Seguros, Seguros Altamira and Seguros Qualitas; Samsung, Laboratorios Leti and Laboratorios Behrens; Inprohuevo, Teléfonos Sendtel de Venezuela, Movistar, Síragon, Mulco watches, Truvía de Cargill de Venezuela; Farmatodo, Bayer’s Beducén; Kellogg’s Special K cereals and breakfast bars, and Bimbo de Venezuela.


This co-production consists of 15 one-hour episodes and will be developed in three stages: “El Casting” [The Casting], where the program will travel through the Venezuelan geography in search of the top 50 candidates; “De Aspirantes a Misses” [From Candidates To Misses], a phase during which the 24 contestants will be selected and assigned the coveted sash that allows them to stay in the famous official housing, Quinta Rosada; “Camino a la Corona” [Quest For The Crown], where the contestants are groomed, rehearse for the galas, and undergo tougher testing and training in order to become the next representatives of Venezuela in the most important international beauty contests in the world.


Venevision will broadcast “Miss Venezuela, All For The Crown” every Monday starting on July 15th at 8:00 pm.  Additionally, all of Latin America will be able to follow – week to week – this innovative content on Sony Entertainment Television every Monday at 10:30 pm (Venezuelan time).  Both versions complement each other: on Venevision, the focus will be on the contestant’s difficult training and development; on Sony Entertainment Television, participants will be put to the test, exposing their weaknesses and strengths during each of the challenges that they will be submitted to on a weekly basis.  On both channels, the audience will witness every detail of the competition and get to know each contestant well, witnessing their most vulnerable moments.


The ‘Beauty Tsar’, Osmel Sousa, President of the Miss Venezuela Organization, a Cisneros Group company, will invite unforgettable ex-Misses and renowned special guests to sit on the panel of judges that will evaluate each of the contestants weekly.


The duties of the program’s hostess will fall in the more than capable hands of the talented Viviana Gibelli, who was also Miss Monagas in 1985.  A group of experts will have the responsibility of training the candidates; this includes: Gisselle Reyes (catwalk instructor), Richard Linares (fitness trainer) and Jose Rafael Briceño (oratory professor).  The program’s production will be carried out by a team of professionals with vast experience and proven track records in the genre, headed by Marlon Quintero, who is a distinguished executive in the industry.


Through the pageant’s official website, www.missvenezuela.com, the audience can obtain information, photos and updates of the participants.  In addition, on Sony Entertainment Television’s webpage, www.canalsony.com, they will find exclusive videos, testimonials and summaries about the girls’ most important challenges.


“Miss Venezuela, All For The Crown” is here to take the first step in the production of this type of content in Venezuela.  The Cisneros Group, once again, breaks paradigms and generates synergies between the various companies within the organization.  And for this opportunity, it has invited Sony Pictures Television, through its channel Sony Entertainment Television, to take part in this great project in order to offer this initiative to the more than 46 million households in Latin America that receive its signal.



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