11:33 pm - Thursday December 14, 2017

Leslie Grace launches “Be My Baby”

Leslie Grace


The talented young singer is releasing

her third promotional single, a popular hit

song by The Ronettes in the 1960s


Together with her previous hits,

“Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow” and “Day 1,”

the cut will be included in her debut

album, produced by Top Stop Music,

that will be released next month


“I am truly amazed at how well I have been

received by the public,” says Leslie


“Be My Baby” is already on sale on Itunes


F & F Media Corp. Even though she made her musical debut less than a year ago, Leslie Grace is already a talent to contend with in the world of international pop music. Her beauty and charisma, along with her raw artistic talent captivated the public with her first two songs and now this up-and-coming young talent is launching her third promotional single, “Be My Baby”.
The song, which can be downloaded on Itunes, promises to be another hit for Grace. It was produced bySergio George, who also produced her two other hits. And “Be My Baby” is already a pop classic, originally produced in the 60’s by Phil Spector and popularized by the iconic trio The Ronettes.
The launching of this timeless song has generated a lot of interest on the part of her fans as well as the international media. “Leslie Grace’s interpretation will surely attract the attention of the music industry and make the world aware of her enormous talent,” wrote the internet portal “Billboard.”
Indeed, the song, infused with Dominican rhythms, seems to acquire new life in Grace’s soulful rendition, becoming a sound that is in a class by itself.
Grace’s fans got a preview of “Be My Baby” in late March when Grace offered an impeccable rendition of the song at the 21st Annual ASCAP Latin Music Awards that were held on March 20 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Grace was accompanied on the piano by multi-award winner Sergio George, with whom she sang a potpourri of some of her most popular songs.
“It amazes me sometimes that we are about to launch a third record. My career has happened as in a dream; everything has happened so quickly. I am so happy about the wonderful reception I have received and I know I won’t disappoint my public,” she concluded.
Along with her previous hits, “Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow” and “Day 1,” “Be My Baby” will be included in Grace’s debut album, produced by Top Stop Music, which will be on sale next month.



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