8:40 pm - Sunday December 10, 2017

J Balvin Triumphant At Madison Square Garden In The Most Important Concert Of His Career, Thus Far




The unforgettable concert performed by J BALVIN this weekend at New York’s famed Madison Square Garden is the most important performance thus far in the career of the young artist as he became not only the first Colombian urban artist to perform in one of the world’s most mythic venues, but wasthe most heralded and best received artist at the Mega Mezcla Block Party event with New York’s number one DJ, Alex Sensation and his special invites.

J BALVIN was one of the first artists to take the stage and upon doing so received a tremendous reaction by the nearly 25,000 people in attendance. They gave him a standing ovation and their cheers brought the Colombian artist near tears.

In addition, personalities from the various media outlets as well as music industry executives in attendance at the event all congratulated J BALVIN for the impeccable music, stage show and style portrayed in his performance.

J BALVIN used this concert as an opportunity to highlight Colombia’s talent on an international level on one of the world’s premiere stages sharing a bill with various other important urban acts such including: Tego Calderón, J Alvarez, Alex Matos, Black Point, Farruco and El Torito, among others.



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