4:06 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Giron Recall Gains Momentum

The effort to recall Colorado Senator Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) is on track and gaining momentum, according to one of the effort’s leaders.


Victor Head, president of Pueblo Freedom & Rights, said Monday the group is “very optimistic” it will gain more than enough petition signatures to force a recall election by the June 10 deadline.


“The bipartisan energy to recall Ms. Giron is high,” Head said, “and we intend to keep it high throughout our drive.”


At central issue are Giron’s actions on statewide gun control measures in the most recent legislative session, which Head’s group sees as disingenuous.


A political group called “Pueblo United for Angela” launched a response to the recall effort in the last few days, and Head characterized that group’s claims as “blatant falsehoods.”


“It looks like Ms. Giron and her supporters are getting desperate,” he said.


One of the claims of “Pueblo United for Angela,” according to literature the group has recently distributed, is that Head’s effort is led by “wealthy outside groups” and “special interests” that “aren’t from Pueblo.”


“We’ve only had a handful of donors from outside Pueblo County,” Head said Monday, “and less than a thousand dollars has come from outside Colorado.”


Head noted that Giron’s supporters seem to be the ones enjoying lucrative outside financial support.


“It costs money to print up these slick little postcards,” he said.  “We started this effort with a little money we borrowed from our family.”


“We’re not outside interests,” Head said.  “It’s a matter of public record, but the fact is, Pueblo Freedom & Rights is me, my brother, and our neighbor… all three of us are just local Pueblo plumbers, and we’re investing our own time and money in trying to fix the leaky faucet that is Angela Giron.”


Head said the group is “tired of the leak of our freedom and rights.”


He announced Pueblo Freedom & Rights would file a complaint with the District Attorney’s office regarding the Giron campaign’s “blatant falsehoods.”


Head also objected to the well-publicized estimate by Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert “Bo” Ortiz that the recall election would cost $250,000.


“If it were possible to run up the costs of a recall election to one million dollars,” Head said, “not only would it not be unnecessary, it would be money well spent.”


Head said his group is highly skeptical of Ortiz’ estimate of the election’s costs, and announced he would also be filing a Colorado Open Records Act request with Ortiz’ office.


“We’d like to see some sort of real accounting of his estimates,” Head said. “We’d like to know where he’s coming up with these numbers.”


Pueblo Freedom & Rights representatives have been highly visible and active in Giron’s district, especially at the Pueblo West Wal-Mart, southside K-mart, Sam’s Club, and this past weekend at the Wild West Fest.  Some locations have experienced long lines of voters waiting to sign the petition, as volunteers check each voter’s eligibility with the Secretary of State’s web site.


Though he’s always looking for more volunteers and signatures, Head is optimistic.  “We’re right where we need to be,” he said.


“When a representative of the people promises one thing to get votes, does the opposite after the election, and then blatantly claims that she doesn’t need her constituents’ opinions, a recall election is most necessary,” Head said.



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