3:42 pm - Monday December 11, 2017

Alejandro Chabán Joins MSN Latino As A Motivator‏

alejandro chaban 1

alejandro chaban

Enjoy monthly webisodes by Alejandro Chabán on MSN Latino.

Actor, motivator, and television personality,Alejandro Chabán has joined MSN Latino as part of their team of lifestyle experts.

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Chabán, happens to be the only Hispanic embassador for the nationally recognizedHealthCorps organization established by Dr. Mehmet Oz, and has a weekly segment onDespierta America, the #1 rated Spanish language program, will offer monthly webisodes on the MSN Latino page about being healthy and fit. In addition, readers can send in their questions via his twitter account@alejandrochaban.

“I love this new opportunity of being able to reach millions of people and tell them, “Yes You Can!; you can be healthy and happy. I love working with the MSN family and keeping connected with the public” expressed Chabán.

Lecciones de Vida is a lifestyle section recently launched by MSN Latino that provides tips on staying healthy. This month, visitors of the page can enjoy, “Come como un rey y baja de peso” (Eat like a King, and lose weight), visiting this link.



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