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A Whole Lot of People for John Morse Launches Public Alert Campaign

–On Saturday, May 4thA Whole Lot of People for John Morse, an issue committee organized by a group of Colorado Springs citizens to support John Morse, will launch a public alert campaign.  The campaign will warn residents about the checkered past of a company hired to collect personal information and petition signatures in a paid recall attack.


In an effort to stop the misguided recall attack launched by a vocal minority, radio ads will inform the public of this company’s history of allegations including fraud, deception, and hiring criminals.  A Whole Lot of People for John Morse is an independent group that is not coordinating with any candidate committee.


“We think it’s really important that Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs residents know that a signature gathering company with a highly questionable track record is going door-to-door in our community,” said Christy LeLait, Campaign Manager for A Whole Lot of People for John Morse.


“Kennedy Enterprises has a shady history of fraud and deception,” LeLait continued.  “To our knowledge, they don’t perform background checks on their signature gatherers.  And these are people who have access to our personal information.”


This public alert campaign will include radio ads, online ads, and a website where citizens can report fraudulent activity of this company.  A link to the ad is available at  http://coloradorecallwatch.com/ a full script of the ad, and the research for the ad are included below.


AUDIO:  http://coloradorecallwatch.com/COSR0260_no_slate.mp3



:60 Radio “Alert” SD11

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This is a special public awareness alert for families living in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs.


A company with a history of using out-of-state workers has been hired to go door-to-door and collect you and your family’s personal information to wage a recall election.




Reports show that this group has faced accusations of fraud and deception….














they’ve even been caught employing criminals to go from neighborhood to neighborhood to collect their data…



…criminals convicted of forgery, fraud…and even sexual assault.








If they are not already, these workers will be in your neighborhood soon…and may be stopping by your home asking for your signature and information.



Many local businesses have asked these circulators to leave their property…and we suggest you do the same.


Please do not sign their forms…


And, if you or a family member see any suspicious or fraudulent activities, please report it immediately to the fraud-watch website: www.coloradorecallwatch.com.


This has been a special public awareness alert from  Colorado Recall Watch.


Paid for by a whole lot of people supporting John Morse.











Composition of state Senate District 11.





“We’ve just learned that one of the most prominent (and ethically questionable) petition signature gathering firms in Colorado, Kennedy Enterprises, has been hired to take over petition drives for some or all of the recall campaigns presently underway.”

[“BREAKING: Mystery Recall Money Arrives, Paid Drive Begins,” ColoradoPols.com 4/26/13; “Morse recall effort gets some help,” Colorado Springs Independent, 4/30/13]


“The suit alleges that some signature collectors, or circulators, were out-of-state residents who falsely stated their addresses on the petitions and wrongly swore that they understood circulation laws.” [“Right-to-work foes detail lawsuit – They claim some signature-gatherers were ineligible and that more than 53,500 signatures are invalid.” Denver Post, 5/30/08]


“In the run up to the election, for example, petition circulators paid by Colorado Springs-based Kennedy Enterprises to gather signatures for proposed Amendments 47, 53 and 59 allegedly told citizens it was legal to sign someone else’s name and that you didn’t have to be a registered voter to sign the petitions. Both suggestions are in clear violation of the state’s petition laws.” [Colorado Independent, 3/25/09]


“Ad: But now we found out their campaigns hired criminals to get their measures on the ballot, criminals who’ve committed fraud, assault, forgery, even a criminal who is a registered sex offender

“The claim appears to be true. Often groups that want to get an initiative on the ballot will hire private companies to gather signatures. Those private companies are not required by Colorado law to do criminal background checks on their signature gatherers and many don’t. Consequently, felons, even sex offenders, are able to find employment as subcontractors for companies that specialize in gathering signatures for ballot initiatives.” [“Substance of issue ignored in attack ad,” Rocky Mountain News, 7/19/08]











Local grocery stores are barring recall petitions from their property.












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