9:02 pm - Tuesday January 23, 2018

Tito Nieves launches “De qué manera te olvido” (“How Do I Forget You?”)

tito nieves

The Pavarotti of Salsa presents the second

cut of his most recent album


His first single climbed to the top

of the Billboard Charts


Both cuts are from the album “Que Seas Feliz”,

which includes classics from the Mexican regional genres


The salsa star has been turning out hits regularly

in a musical career spanning 35 year


Tomorrow, Tuesday, the video “De qué manera te olvido

(“How Do I Forget You?”) will debut worldwide

in the show “Primer Impacto” on Univisión



The king of Puerto Rican salsa continues to turn out hits in an amazing career that spans three consecutive decades.


With the album “Que Seas Feliz” climbing to the top of Billboard’s Tropical Chart, the “Pavarotti of Salsa” continues to display the musical charm that has characterized his music for 35 years and also the passion with which he undertakes each new project.


That same quality is present in his new single, “De qué manera te olvido” (“How Do I Forget You?”), the second cut from his album “Que seas feliz”, which has a video that will debut tomorrow in “Primer Impacto” on Univisión. Not surprisingly, the first single, also the title of the album, made it to number one on Billboard’s Tropical charts.


According to Top Stop Music, who produced the album, the CD includes popular ballads of the Mexican regional genre, some of which were made popular by Latin America’s biggest stars, such as Luis Miguel. Nieves adds an unexpected twist when he comes up with explosive salsa versions of these timeless classics.


“The album was made with a lot of love, so that people can re-live, dance to and enjoy these wonderful songs,” Nieves said recently.


Nieves has had 16 hits on the International Top 10, including five singles in first place on Billboard’s Tropical chart.


And he is not back just to finish writing the last chapters of his career but because he still feels a passion to sing good music.




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