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Intocable’s Newest Album En Peligro De Extinción








 INTOCABLE, the undesputable sovereigns of norteña music, are releasing today their 15th studio album, titled En Peligro de Extinción (Endangered Species), to great critical and public acclaim.


INTOCABLE fans, the ones that have been there since the beginning, and the ones they add daily, will be able to sing, dance, laugh and cry to the passionate rhythms and moving lyrics of the popular ballads they’ve come to expect from this pioneering and iconic group who has been trailblazing a path during their almost two-decade career.


“We create music because we believe that music transcends genres, borders and even language.” declared Ricky Muñoz, who founded the group 18 years ago alongside his friend Rene Martinez.  And that compromise of creating the best music possible is what has earned them unimaginable recognitions such as two GRAMMY Awards and a Latin GRAMMY for Best Norteño Album, among countless other honors and nominations such as having been named “Group of the Decade” by Billboard Magazine.


Today, nobody touches INTOCABLE either in radio nor onstage.  Their newest single, “TE AMO (PARA SIEMPRE)” is #3 in Mexico’s Monitor Latino General radio charts and Top 5 in US radio.   With En Peligro de Extinción, they solidify their sovereignty in the Tejana/Norteña genre.  Proof of that is that within one hour of the album going on sale, it charted #1 in the iTunes Latin Charts in the US and in the general charts of iTunes Mexico.


And to celebrate its release, the group will be meeting fans and signing autographs at in-stores in Houston tomorrow and Austin on Thursday.


“It’s always a great time for us when our fans can finally listen to what we’ve been working on for months.  Today is finally here and we’re looking forward to experiencing this release with them in person at the in-stores and on tour.”  Ricky concluded.


En Peligro de Extinción was produced by INTOCABLE and released in a label collaboration between their own—Good I Music—and Universal Music Group with the intent of expanding the group’s reach into Central and South America.   In this album, INTOCABLE gives voice to their own lyrics and that of renowned composers like Ikerlan, Jose Zamora, Josue Contreras and Miguel Mendoza.  Ikerlan, the head writer for the troup, wrote the single “Te Amo (Para Siempre)”.  The song was debuted live at the end of 2012, in front of an audience of over 17,000 fans in the Monterrey Arena in Mexico.  The album also includes, “Nos Faltó Hablar,” a powerful ballad as well as “Culpable Fui (Culpable Soy)” which was written by famed Mexican singer songwriter Reyli Barba.  The album includes 12 new songs.


Don’t miss this latest effort by the best group of them all INTOCABLE.  Year after year, album after album, INTOCABLE proves their passion for music and their desire to share their creations with a loyal fan base that continues to grow with every word and every note.



01. Nos Faltó Hablar

02. Cómo Se Fue Ella

03. Decidimos (Bien o Mal)

04. Culpable Fui (Culpable Soy)

05. No Será Tarde

06. Cómo Se Olvida

07. Dímelo

08. Te Amo (Para Siempre)

09. Te Deseo Lo Mejor

10. Cada Vez Que Estás Conmigo

11. Se Acabó Tu Fe

12. Y Te Vas



Wednesday, April 3



13484 Northwest Freeway

Houston, TX 77040


Thursday, April 4



1030 Norwood Park Blvd

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iTunes Link: http://bit.ly/10pA0wA





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