3:16 pm - Friday January 21, 4653

District 11’s Office of Discipline and Attendance AwardsCeremony‏

School District 11’s Office of Discipline and Attendance will hold an awards ceremony in the Tesla auditorium, 2560 International Circle, on Tuesday, April 30, 6-9 p.m., and the media is invited to attend this event This ceremony is being held to recognize students who have improved or corrected their discipline problems (i.e.: students referred to the Student Discipline Services Office; students placed at Tesla from other schools, students suspended or expelled and returned to Tesla; students who have appeared in court for truancy; and have improved

their attendance significantly since their order to attend school; students not referred to the Discipline Office, but who have made significant improvements in school with their behavior and/or attendance).


Vouchers to Poor Richard’s will be given to each of the recipients who are receiving awards this year, as well as five bikes to give out in a drawing (two for elementary, two for middle school, and one for high school) from Kid’s on Bikes. These awards are funded with the help of Outreachers, Inc., HEI, Kids on Bikes, and Poor Richard’s Toy Store, Restaurant, and Book Store.


Magistrate Curtis from the Juvenile Division V, El Paso County Courts, School District 11’s board members, executive directors, and Superintendent Gledich have all been invited to attend as honored guests.



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