10:47 pm - Tuesday January 23, 2018

Celebrate Menopause The Musical’s 3,000th Las Vegas Show with ‘Memory Loss’ Cocktail

Menopause The Musical
Menopause The Musical is celebrating its 3,000th show with a cocktail sure to make guests forget where they put their keys! Menopause The Musical may have celebrated its 3,000th show on April 16, but the “Memory Loss” cocktail ($12) is available through the end of May inside the Atrium Showroom at Luxor Hotel and Casino. Served in a 22-ounce Menopause The Musical souvenir glass and said to taste like Blueberry Lemonade, the delicious concoction consists of Smirnoff Citrus, Smirnoff Blueberry, Grand Marnier and Sierra Mist.
Menopause The Musical performs in the Atrium Showroom at Luxor Wednesday – Monday at 5:30 p.m. and Tuesday at 8 p.m. Tickets priced at $49.95 and $65, not including tax and service fee, can be purchased by calling (702) 262-4400 or visiting luxor.com.



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