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Cancer survivors in aviation

April is Aviation Month

Catch it in Time features aviators and their cancer stories


 It’s already April and Spring is in the air. Not only Spring but private airplanes abound and airshows highlight the love of aviation. The Sun-n-Fun festival in Lakeland, Florida, is the unofficial kickoff to the air show season and is an incredible experience for all things aerospace.

What does aviation have to do with cancer awareness and Catch it in Time? Catch It In Time, a cancer awareness organization in the Denver area, promotes early-detection and prevention by sharing cancer stories through online videos, web content and other communication channels.  Well, aviation shows involve airplanes, which typically fly outside, which puts onlookers out in the sun and more susceptible to sunburns. Sunburns can lead to skin cancer…That’s right, skin cancer.

Skin cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer with 2 million cases being diagnosed annually in the United States alone but it is also the most preventable. All it takes is daily application of sunscreen and covering up exposed skin with long-sleeve light-weight shirts and wide-brimmed caps. It seems simple enough but, with so many things going on during your day-to-day, it is easy to forget. 

In honor of the kickoff of the 2013 air show season, Catch It In Time is going airborne and have dubbed this month, Aviation April. The company is featuring several aviation-themed stories in the upcoming weeks on their website, catchitintime.org. The first is about air show helicopter pilot and Living Legends inductee Chuck Aaron and his experience fighting skin cancer.  He will be flying at this year’s Sun-n-Fun, performing unbelievable aerobatics in his Red Bull helicopter.

Chuck Aaron revolutionized aviation when he teamed with Red Bull to craft a powerful and light-weight helicopter for aero acrobatics. Aaron loves the “thrill chills” he gets while maneuvering and flipping through the sky in his unique copter and is one of few men in the world that can do it. A daredevil by nature, nothing could prepare him for the shock of his life when he was diagnosed with skin cancer. Watch his crazy aerobatics and hear his inspirational story this month at catchitintime.org.. In addition, there are three other pilots that belong to the Experimental Aircraft Association –EAA– whose stories you will not want to miss.

So if you are going to an airshow this summer or just taking in the great Colorado scenery, remember to wear light-weight, long sleeve shirts, a wide-brim hat and plenty of sunscreen. At our altitude, the sun’s rays have more impact than at sea level.




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