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Baha Mamadjonov vs. Angel Santana


Photos by:Tom Casino/SHOWTIME

A raucous good time was had by all attending a great night of fights Friday inside the Treasure Island ballroom in Las Vegas at our Don King Productions-promoted fight card telecast live on SHOWTIME (ShoBox).

Post-Fight Ring Quotes


Baha Mamadjonov: “One week notice and I win by that kind of knockout.  The first couple of rounds he (Angelo Santana) was difficult to figure out but once I did I just got more aggressive.  The hard work paid off.  I came to the United States to be a champion.  I want to win a world title and this was the first step.  I’m just starting.  It’s going to be one belt at a time.


“Santana hits really hard and I respect him but I could see he was getting tired in the sixth round after I hit him with a body shot.”


Angelo Santana: “The referee stopped the fight.  I tell you I was still in it.  I landed two big left hands earlier in the round.   We were in a good fight and it should have continued.  Nothing against Baha, he’s a good fighter, but I want a rematch.


“The last knockdown came on a slip.  I slipped after throwing a punch.”


Amir Imam: “I had to figure him (Jeremy Bryan) out in the first round.  I doubled up my jab in the second round and hit him with the big right that starched him.  Some would say I took too big of a bite but I was composed, relaxed and knew what I had to do.


“Line ‘em up and I’ll knock them down.”


Jeremy Bryan: “I don’t really feel like talking because I still feel a little woozy.  I expected so much more.  I trained so hard.  This is very disappointing.


“I had a lot going on.  This was my first big fight on TV since 2004.  I had a good fan base that came in for the fight.  I think I got a little over-anxious and it cost me but I am a warrior. I’ve come back before and I’ll come back again.


Marcus Oliveira: “Coyne came to fight but I figured him out in the sixth round when I realized I could stand right in front of him and only I could hurt him.


“I made sure to work up and down.  When I went to the body, I noticed he would drop his right hand so I’d unload a left.


“I dropped him the first time with two right hands and a left hook.  The same flurry ended the fight moments later on the other side of the ring.”


Ryan Coyne: “I could have finished but he (Marcus Oliveira) has a great left hook. I felt good until I got caught with that headbutt.  I was hanging in there.  It was a good fight. He is a helluva fighter.


“I thought it was nip and tuck. After I caught the headbutt, it was very difficult to move forward. It impacted my stamina and I couldn’t see. I still can’t see. But I give him all the credit. He’s a great fighter.


Marcus Willis: “I was fighting for Don King and I wanted to show him I have what it takes.  I knew he (James de la Rosa) thought he was a bigger puncher, but I knew I was the better fighter.


“I don’t like to play for the crowd although I like it when they’re happy like this.  I fight for god, my team and myself, and I’ve got a lot more to show everyone.”


James de la Rosa: “I felt good.  I needed these rounds.  I got a little careless in the seventh round and he (Marcus Willis) caught me with a good shot.


“I’m not a judge but I thought I did enough to win tonight.  If I wasn’t coming forward, there would have been no fight. I’ll be back from this one for sure.”


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