4:50 am - Wednesday January 24, 2018

Attorney General Suthers Statement On Demise Of HB13-1114

On Monday April, 22, 2013 the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-1 to reject the driving while under the influence of marijuana bill. HB13-1114 would have created a permissible inference that drivers with more than five nanograms of TCH per milliliter of blood were impaired.

Attorney General John Suthers issued the following statement in response:

“As Colorado implements adult recreational use of marijuana, it is imperative that we take reasonable steps to protect the public. Dealing with marijuana-impaired driving is a fundamental public safety issue. It alarms me that HB13-1114 failed given the serious public safety issues at stake. I call on members of the House and Senate to find a way to pass a marijuana-impaired driving bill this session. Public safety requires it.”




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