7:52 am - Monday December 11, 2017

“TRANKAZOS 2013” A Very Special Album That Includes Radio Hits, On Sale Today!!‏

Trankazos Music Series
Continues in 2013


 “TRANKAZOS” has been such a success that in 2013, another edition full of energy and pure “hits” has arrived, ready to continue conquering audiences.


“PUROS TRANKAZOS” and “TRANKAZOS DE VERANO” are the two albums that have broken sales records and earned Latin Billboard Awards nominations, and this new release “TRANKAZOS 2013″ will surely surpass the previous success.


“TRANKAZOS 2013” is a very special album that includes radio hits, such as Intocable’s “Te Amo (Para Siempre), Voz De Mando “Y Ahora Resulta” , Roberto Junior “El Coco No”, Julion Alvarez’s “Tu No Tienes La Culpa”, Pesado “Le Crei”, Banda MS  “Amor Express” and La Original Banda El Limon’s “El Primer Lugar.”


It’s unusual for a musical compilation to take the lead spot in sales charts, but “TRANKAZOS” is an exceptionally well-produced album, with today’s top artists and the hottest tracks that have made them the ultimate fan favorites of 2013.




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