6:34 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

Tour De Frack

From August 2003-January 2012, 1,000 “Incident Spill Reports” for oil & gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing in Weld County were reported to the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. They revealed that 43% of spills have contaminated groundwater. These one thousand spills have contaminated 2.4 billion square feet of surface area in Weld County alone. With over 19,000 active wells, the region is notorious for giving visitors headaches, nausea and/or nosebleeds soon upon arrival.
With the second City Council vote to pass or reject lax oil & gas regulations looming on the horizon, concerned citizens have arranged a second opportunity for City Council, council candidates and news media to experience the sights, smells and sounds of full scale drilling and hydraulic fracturing firsthand. “Tour de Frack” will take place on March 9 in Weld County, Colorado.
“Our local officials have the responsibility to protect our communities from the known health and pollution dangers of hydraulic fracturing,” explained CSCCR Board of Directors member and spokeswoman Karyna Lemus, “We cannot rely on state regulations ‘enforced’ by the Colorado Oil & Conservation Commission’ for they have proven to be inadequate and insufficient for such a dangerous and invasive drilling process. The Tour de Frack offers officials the perfect opportunity to educate themselves and see the realities of drilling before casting a vote which will affect our city for decades to come.”
Ex-Weld County resident, biologist and Chair of the Poudre Canyon Sierra Club Shane Davis will take tour attendees to his former neighborhood where he once lived surrounded by 75 wells within a 1 mile radius. Not long after drilling began Mr.Davis began to suffer the serious health effects characteristic of those exposed to the toxic chemicals associated with hydraulic fracturing. Davis has spent the last two years of his life researching thousands of COGCC documents which expose operating exemptions, failures, ground and surface water contaminations, equipment failures, widespread suppression of data, lack of accountability, loopholes and the willful neglect to prevent and mitigate adverse environmental & human health impacts.
The eye opening tour will include visits to active wells, a Volatile Organic Combustor and one of the 183 natural gas compressor stations. Guests will have opportunities to step out and take photographs and the tour will end with a debriefing session at a restaurant with tour guide and hydraulic fracturing expert Shane Davis and resident Rod Breuske.
Those wishing to attend are asked to RSVP to one of the above contacts for further details. Tour attendees are encouraged to either carpool or reserve a seat on a van CSCCR has rented for their convenience and in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Gas masks are optional but advisable. Due to health risks pregnant women will not be allowed on the tour.
For more information:
CSCCR Website: www.frackfreesprings.org
CSCCR Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ColoradoSpringsCitizensForCommunityRights
CSCCR YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/frackfreesprings
Colorado Springs Citizens for Community Rights (CSCCR) is a non-profit organization formed to protect our rights to be healthy and have clean air, water and soil. Our mission is to:
 Educate our city about oil & gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking);
 Work with local, state and federal governments to ensure comprehensive oil & gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing regulations;
 Place a rights-based charter amendment on the ballot in Colorado Springs banning hydraulic fracturing



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