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Red Rock Canyon Fire

CSFD Responds to a Grass Fire in Red Rock Canyon


The Colorado Springs Fire Department was called to a reported grass fire in the Red Rock Canyon Open Space at 4:15pm on March 14, 2013. As fire crews arrived, they called for additional resources due to the warm and windy weather conditions. When fire crews were able to access the area, they found a fire burning on a ridge in the grass and shrubs. CSFD was able to quickly contain the fire and had it under control within two hours. The fire did not threaten any structures and burned approximately five acres.


While working to contain the fire, crews found a model rocket, confirming the reports that 911 dispatchers had received. Fire investigators were called to the scene to collect evidence and analyze the area. The investigator has ruled this fire accidental and caused by a model rocket.


CSFD does allow model rocket launches in accordance with the 2009 International Fire Code (IFC) and amendments as adopted. Currently, the City is not under any Fire Restrictions or Burn Bans, however, during a Citywide Fire Restriction or Burn Ban, a special permit is required for groups, clubs or organizations wanting to launch model rockets. Applicants shall obtain a no fee, temporary-use special permit at the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM), Fire Department Complex located at 375 Printers Parkway.


With wildfire danger being a year-round threat, CSFD asks the community to please be extremely careful while outdoors and to use good judgment while enjoying our beautiful parks and open space.


Model Rocket Safety Information:


Model Rockets may include but are not limited to:

Estes or equivalent model rockets using approved model motor types A through E.  A model rocket has structural parts made of paper, wood, and breakable plastic; it has a means for its return to the ground so it can be flown again; and its primary use is for purposes of education, recreation and sporting competition.



During a Citywide Fire Restriction or Burn Ban, a special permit for group, club or organization model rocket launches is required. Applicants shall obtain a no fee, temporary-use special permit at the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM), Fire Department Complex located at 375 Printers Parkway. Permit procedures and additional requirements during Fire Restriction or Burn Ban include:


1.            Applicant shall apply to the CSFD OFM. A minimum of 48 hours notification and application process is required prior to issuance of permit. A permit application may be obtained at the CSFD OFM.

2.            Application shall be in writing and can be hand delivered or sent via fax @ (719) 385-7334. Application shall include a site plan diagram and a written authorization from the property owner for launch activity.

3.            Application will be reviewed and may be approved pending a CSFD Permit Inspection prior to launch. Application may be disapproved based upon site location conditions and/or weather conditions.

4.            The permit requires that a qualified launch control officer (LCO) is on site during the launch. The LCO shall conduct a pre-launch safety inspection of all rockets and understand the provisions of the permit, Safety Guidelines and Precautions. The permit and the Safety Precautions on the reverse side of this page shall be available on site during launch.

5.            Model rockets shall be launched during daylight hours of 7:30 am to 10:00 am. Launches shall occur in safe weather conditions with wind speeds no greater than 15 miles per hour. The LCO shall be responsible for evaluating weather conditions.

6.            The fire department shall have the authority to revoke or restrict a permit approval to conduct a model rocket launch. This may include but is not limited to site location, adverse weather, traffic, communications, security, or other safety issues.

7.            Violation of permit may result in a cease and desist order, revocation of permit, fine up to and including $500 and/or up to 90 days in jail.


If there are any questions, please contact the Office of the Fire Marshal at (719) 385‑5978. This Model Rocket Guideline document can be obtained at the Fire Department Complex located at 375 Printers Parkway or on the CSFD website www.springsgov.com/fire.



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