3:13 pm - Friday December 18, 9248

PUC Stands Firm for Ratepayers

Rejects Xcel’s Latest Attempt to Collect for Failed SmartGridCity

In a development this morning that could save Xcel Energy’s 1.4 mllion Colorado ratepayers a tidy sum, the Public Utilities Commission has rejected the Minneapolis-based utility giant’s bid to make its customers cover $16.6 million in cost overruns from its failed “SmartGridCity” experiment in Boulder.

As reported by The Denver Post, the cost of the controversial pilot program nearly tripled to $44.5 million from $15 million between 2008 and 2009. Xcel already was permitted by the PUC to recover $27.9 million of those costs through customer rate hikes and has been pushing to recoup the balance the same way.

According to The Post’s Mark Jaffe, the commission rejected the claim with prejudice, meaning Xcel cannot file further requests. Kudos to the commissioners for seeing through the smoke and making a call that serves consumers.

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