9:03 pm - Sunday December 10, 2017

Pauline Olvera

*republican latina QUICK *, what’s the conservative/Republican position on immigration? Can you name it, explain it to others and more specifically, could you do a good job of explaining it to a person of Hispanic descent & why our position is one they ought to support with their vote?

As has been hammered in this newsletter & just about every place else–one of the biggest areas conservatives need to improve upon is messaging. We’re getting our heads handed to us by a progressive machine that is very good at both crafting & delivering its message.

Take immigration, for instance. Imagine if we conducted “man on the street” type interviews with citizens of this nation; it wouldn’t even be close. Everyone knows the president’s (& by association the progressives/liberals/democrat’s) position. Amnesty. Plain and simple. Its no secret they want any and every (illegal) immigrant in this nation to be made citizens and awarded the rights & privileges that come therewith.

To be certain there’s plenty of room for debate as to whether or not that’s the proper way to go–I weighed in my $0.02 some months ago [“The Dream Act is a Nightmare“]–but the point is, agree or disagree, EVERYONE KNOWS. When the president couldn’t get his “Dream Act” through congress he simply waived his magic wand of Executive Order & *presto* made some 800,000 “dreamers” (aka: young illegal aliens) legal.

Everyone knows.

Now, back to the original question–what’s the conservative’s position? Is it “amnesty”; “amnesty lite”; “round ’em up & deport ’em back from wence they came”; “a guest worker program”; “voluntary deportation”?  What??



In his 2nd presidential election George W. Bush garnered 44% of the Hispanic vote. Republican numbers for that demographic have been sinking like a stone ever since. Why? One word – messaging.

Well for those who are local, this Saturday you’re in for a treat. Saturday is the local meeting of Colorado Springs chapter of the RMBC and our keynote speaker is Ms. Pauline Olvera. (pictured above)

Pauline & I sat on a panel before the Colorado Conservative Coalition about a year ago and since that time I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know & hear her present in venues around our state.  She occupies a seat on the Board of Governors for the Colorado Hispanic Republicans & is the sitting Vice-Chair of the Denver County Republican Party. She’s appeared on forums, panels, radio & television to speak on issues unique to the Latino community and on the specific topic of how conservatives can & should message immigration policy in a manner that reaches Hispanics in Colorado!

This woman is the real deal. Could there possibly be a more critical timing & message for conservatives right now? Be at this Saturday night’s meeting and I encourage you to contact your R.E.O.’s (Republican Elected Official) & tell them to attend too. Why, oh, why –if I’m an elected Republican or aspiring to become one– would I ever NOT attend this meeting?

As always, we’ll be filling your bellies with food & drink, filling your spirits with prayers and encouragement, filling your minds with patriotism and love of country. See you there/then.





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