9:32 pm - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Neumann Education Foundation Provides Ten iPads to Monterey Elementary

The Neumann Education Foundation is pleased to announce that ten iPads have been purchased for students and teachers at Monterey Elementary School in Harrison School District 2.

“NEF is proud to partner with Harrison District 2 and Mr. Michael Claudio, Principal at Monterey Elementary, to place iPads into the hands of students and teachers.  Forming partnerships with school districts, principals, parents or businesses is how we envision this program working in every elementary school in El Paso County.  Mr. Claudio stepped up to work with NEF and Monterey students are benefiting today from that cooperation,” said Dave Neumann, founder of Neumann Education Foundation.

“We are excited to get the iPads in our student’s hands,” said Mr. Claudio.  “Our ELD (English Language Development) students will be able to benefit from the richness of reading aloud, reading fluency, and writing skills.  Our teachers will be able to create interactive lessons and track student progress.  Students will increase their learning trajectory since technology is a learning medium they already know.  We are grateful for the Neumann Education Foundation because this partnership would have never happened had it not been for their forward thinking and action.”

NEF’s five-year goal is to provide iPads or comparable technology with appropriate grade level applications software to every elementary school classroom and every elementary-age child and their teacher in El Paso County.  In addition to providing hardware and software, the Neumann Education Foundation will fund instructional programs, teacher training, scholarships, and technology upgrades via direct contributions and matching contributions from parents, businesses and like-minded organizations.


For more information about purchasing iPads for your elementary school in El Paso County please contact Patrick Davis with the Neumann Education Foundation at 719-536-9809.



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