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Morgan Carroll-Jeanne Nicholson Use Subterfuge To Appear In The Gun Conversation

Morgan Carroll was quoted in the Westword on Thursday, February 28, 2013, in an article titled “Gun control: Senator Morgan Carroll on disruption at Aurora town hall” that she has offered pro-gun supporters the opportunity to have a town hall discussion with her. Senator Carroll claims:

“. . . the topic had already been covered–twice. ‘We’ve done one on gun violence and we’ve done one on mental health,’ she said. ‘We’ve actually covered this from two different angles . . . . we usually don’t do the same topic twice in one year.'” Westword article

However firearms activists who attended the January 17, 2013 town hall, themed ‘mental health,’ hosted by Senator Carroll have a different perspective on her claim that the gun issue was discussed on that night at the Aurora Library.

Rick Chudnof, who attend the town hall in January reports;

“Gun issues were not discussed that night at all, and Senator Carroll never engaged the audience, or brought up the topic. One person did ask a question about the killers and prescription anti-depressants, but his question went unanswered by the panel. There was no conversation about guns at that town hall.”

While legislators dodge being questioned by Second Amendment supporting citizens, those waiting politely to speak are not happy with the inflexible structure of town halls. While voters are turning out in great numbers to talk about this pressing issue, legislators are using their own red tape to deter conversation.

Matthew Hess, Libertarian candidate for governor, witnessed Jeanne Nicholson acting coy and uninformed about the gun control legislation headed to the Senate, at her town hall on Saturday, February 23, 2013. Hess was disappointed to learn that same day, she met with ‘Mountain Area Democrats’ and the Canyon Courier to proclaim she is “supporting a package of gun control bills, which she called ‘very reasonable.'” Canyon Courier 

Jeanne Nicholson allowed civil discourse at her February 23, 2013 town hall, which was overflowing with pro-gun advocates. Her subterfuge to her constituents was revealed when the Canyon Courier published her intentions about the gun control bills on their web site, on Tuesday, February 27, 2013, indicating she was not being truthful when speaking to the voters at the Evergreen Library that Saturday.

Hess voices his frustration;

“While remaining peaceful in the face of aggression against their natural rights is difficult, I commend second amendment supporters for being active and vocal about these transgressions. It is shameful when their representatives must resort to deceitful passive-aggressive tactics to force an agenda contrary to that of freedom and liberty.”

Both Morgan Carroll and Jeanne Nicholson have town halls scheduled for this coming weekend, Saturday, March 2, 2013, and Sunday, March 3, 2013 respectively.



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