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Maned Wolf Puppies Born

The Pueblo Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of three maned wolf puppies.  The new arrivals were born on Saturday March 23rd to first time parents Cayenne (the female) and Meek (the male).  The first baby was born at 2:12pm and its two siblings were born later that evening.  The puppies were delivered in the same den that their grandfather (Cayenne’s father) was born.


The Pueblo Zoo Staff are cautiously optimistic about the survival of the puppies.  The first few weeks for maned wolf puppies, born in the wild or captivity, are vital and the survival rate is low.  The puppies are not available yet for public viewing, news updates will be available through the zoo’s Facebook page.


Maned wolves are a species managed across the country though the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan.  The Species Survival Plan ensures that there is genetic diversity among animals in AZA accredited institutions to ensure the best possible pairings for breeding. 


Maned wolves are native to South America, but in the US there are 92 wolves known to the SSP. There are only fourteen breeding pairs of maned wolves in AZA institutions and the Pueblo Zoo puppies are the only surviving maned wolf pups born so far this season.




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