4:41 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

Kent Lambert’s Statement on Revenue Forecast

Republican Joint Budget Committee Member Senator Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) issued the following statement regarding today’s revenue forecast:

“Today’s forecast shows several positive economic and revenue results for Colorado so far this year, as well as several serious risks from negative national and international economic trends. Although current employment trends are encouraging, Colorado still has a long way to go to reverse the job losses our citizens have suffered in recent years.

As a slow recovery occurs, we will watch for opportunities to restore legitimate state capabilities and critical infrastructures that were put on hold for the past few years. It is also a key opportunity for the state to increase its reserves and ensure that the state lives up to its promises to plan for better outcomes for students and families, instead of more earmarked spending for special interests or for more tax increases.”

Click here to read the revenue forecast from the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting.

Click here to read the revenue forecast from Legislative Council economists.

Senator Kent Lambert represents Colorado State Senate District 9 which includes Northwest El Paso County.



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