3:13 pm - Friday December 16, 2072

Hickenlooper Goes One-on-One with TV Host Caldara

Governor Addresses Big Issues on this Friday’s Devil’s Advocate Program
DENVER, Colo — Coloradans can watch the state’s chief executive take on some pressing issues in an exclusive one-on-one interview Friday night.

Governor John Hickenlooper will appear as the guest on this week’s episode of the Independence Institute’s public affairs tv show Devil’s Advocate with host Jon Caldara.

Viewers state-wide can watch the show on Colorado Public Television 12 this Friday, March 8th at 8:30 PM. The show will also be re-broadcast this coming Monday at 12:30 PM.

“It’s always a great show when the Guv comes on,” said Caldara, president of the Independence Institute. “He never ducks a tough question, and he gives as good as he gets.”

Among the topics of discussion will be the numerous gun-related bills making their way through the Colorado General Assembly.

Viewers can find more detailed CPT12 channel information for their area by visiting the CPT12 website at http://www.cpt12.org/about/channels-broadcast-area.cfm

The Independence Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy research organization based in Denver, Colo.





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