11:37 pm - Thursday December 14, 2017

County Clerk and Recorder Hires new Motor Vehicle Manager‏

Chris Myszkowski Chosen Motor Vehicle Manager

for El Paso County Clerk & Recorder’s Office


 A retired US Air Force officer with years of government and private sector experience has been chosen to lead the El Paso County Motor Vehicle Department.  Clerk & Recorder Wayne Williams announced today that Chris Myszkowski (say: mish-KOV-ski) will join his office as motor vehicle manager, effective April 1.


Myszkowski, who is currently operations manager in El Paso County’s Department of Human Services, will bring valuable knowledge of County structure as he transfers to the Clerk & Recorder’s Office.   In his new position as head of a statutory department, he will be responsible for the four branch Motor Vehicle offices.  All motor vehicle transactions including vehicle registration and titling and driver’s license renewals are handled at the County offices.


Williams emphasized Myszkowski’s background in public service and developing effective operational programs that will strengthen the Motor Vehicle Department. He was selected from a deep pool of exceptionally qualified candidates.  Applicants represented diverse fields with some being internal to County government and others coming from external organizations.


Williams noted that the interview process included representatives from two automobile dealers in Colorado Springs.  “Customer service is the essence of what we do.  I wanted to make sure that our customers were represented in the selection process,” he said.


One of the auto dealer representatives, Ray Reilly, spoke of the process. “I would like to thank the County for asking the auto dealers to participate in the interview process for a DMV manager. The relationship we have with the county is very important and I was impressed with the amount of time and dedication that was put into selecting the right person. I believe Mr. Myszkowski will do a phenomenal job for the County and the auto dealers and our relationship will continue to remain strong. “


Williams mentioned Myszkowski’s qualifications. “Chris has the strategic skills, along with insightful interpersonal skills, to manage the challenges and complexities of the Motor Vehicle Department.  He will provide customers with the level of professional service they deserve.  We have a strong staff at all locations and Chris’ ability for analytical development will further support the work of our team.”


A self-described “trouble-shooter” with expertise in education and administrative management, Myszkowski served as dean of DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management in Colorado Springs.  He also was executive director of Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs.  Myszkowski had previous experience in El Paso County as deputy director/fiscal officer (interim executive director) for the Department of Health and Environment.


“Joining the Clerk & Recorder’s Motor Vehicle Department gives me the opportunity to continue serving the public,” said Myszkowski. “Motor Vehicle’s services are nearly essential to our citizens and it will be rewarding to be part of the team that provides these services with an effective, professional operation.”

Myszkowski holds a Master’s Degree in Education/Educational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology/Social Work from Central Connecticut State College.  He has continued educational endeavors with the Center for Creative Leadership, Chamber Nonprofit Management Leadership Institute and Leadership Rapid City (S.D.).  He has published articles on topics includingorganizational development, healthcare, stewardship, poverty and homelessness, and has appeared as a speaker at seminars and symposia.



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