10:03 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

JULION ALVAREZ, Successful & with New Album

julion alvarez

Sold out performance at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

During a week of overall success, life is certainly smiling at Julion Alvarez and his continuous record-breaking triumphs, with the premiere of his new album on the one hand and a sold out performance at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on the other.

This weekend, JULION ALVAREZ packed the Houston Rodeo to audiences of more than 75,000 fan, an unprecedented feat for a Regional Mexican artist. The audience sang along to the tune of JULION’s hit songs, as the singer captivated audiences and transformed the night into a lively fiesta where the tuba and accordion vibrated like never before.

At this great party, JULION ALVAREZ delighted audiences with his greatest hits, such as “La María”, “Terrenal”, “Las Mulas de Moreno”, “Y Tu” and “Marchate”, among many others, as well as songs off of his forthcoming new album, due out for release tomorrow.

JULION ALVAREZ’s “Tu Amigo Nada Mas” drops tomorrow, a highly anticipated record that arrives after the singer’s three-year hiatus from the studio, especially since his previous albums and recordings were major hits.

Julion’s first single off of “Tu Amigo Nada Mas” is “Tu No Tienes La Culpa” a song penned by Cesar Estrada that is rapidly climbing the radio charts in both Mexico and the United States.

This week, JULION ALVAREZ and SU NORTEÑO BANDA will kick off promotions in Mexico City, including an exclusive record release party as well as appearances on major TV programs, to then finish the weekend in Monterrey, N.L., where he will be performing at La Fe Music Hall


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