3:13 pm - Tuesday December 16, 8160

Protections for Youth in Foster Care Against Identity Theft

Today, SB 13-047, Protections for Youth in Foster Care Against Identity Theft, unanimously passed through the Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee.  Sen. Linda Newell (D-Littleton) is sponsoring this legislation in the Senate.

Statistics show that children in foster care are three times more likely to experience identity theft because their personal information passes through so many hands, increasing the chances that someone will open an account in their name or use their Social Security number. SB 13-047 aims to prevent children in foster care from having their identities stolen by:


  • Expanding credit report requirements to include youth in the custody of the Division of Youth Corrections and state mental hospitals
  • Including children in foster care who are age 18-21 in the credit report review process
  • Giving the Department of Human Services access to all three major credit reporting agencies
  • Clarifying that credit reports must be done annually

Upon committee approval, Senator Newell commented, “It is hard enough for children to be abused and neglected. We should do everything we can to prevent them from being re-victimized.”  Senator Newell is often called the “Champion for the Children” at the Capitol for her tireless advocacy and leadership in policy affecting children and families.

SB 13-047 is moving on to the Senate Appropriations Committee.



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