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Maria Jose: Special Guest of Premio Lo Nuestro

María José
Special guest of Univision’s 25th anniversary of Premio Lo Nuestro
As part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Premio Lo Nuestro  María Jose will be walking down the red carpet and performing on a magical evening
A historical performance by María José is anticipated on this special industry night among other great stars
María Jose currently  features “El Amor Manda” in the U.S and Puerto Rico theme song from the soap opera “Por Que El Amor Manda” topping #1  in Mexico and Puerto Rico’s radio charts.

Maria Jose is preparing to travel to the United States to one of the most important musical events in the industry Premio Lo Nuestro, where she will take part for the first time among other great stars,anticipating a major musical surprise of the night where she will join voices to a performance that will sure make history.

Premio Lo Nuestro celebrates Its 25th anniversary of its establishment, an award which has honored and awarded the greatest luminaries of music year after year and it’s hosted by Univision spanish television leader in the in the United States.


This marks the first time María José will be performing at “Premio Lo Nuestro” she’ also been honored as a special guest title that has earned due to the overwhelming success of her other albums, Maria Jose has earned more than the acceptance of the public and her fans.


Maria Jose currently promotes “El Amor Manda” theme song of upcoming Univision’s soap opera “Por Que El Amor Manda” starring Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto the song currently tops Mexico’s charts and its also being aired in Puerto Rico already becoming a success.


The single “El Amor Manda” is available in the ITunes music store in the United States and Puerto Rico.


“Por Que El Amor Manda” is now on the programming of Univision Puerto Rico, where María Jose will be visiting  doing a  tv and press promo. “Maria Jose De Noche”  produced by Carlos Lopez and David Santisteban contains 13 songs and a duet with spanish singer Juan Magan.


Among Maria Jose future plans are a promotional visit to the U.S, Premio Lo Nuestro, Puerto Rico and Spain.
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