3:13 pm - Sunday December 16, 8660

Make My Day Better Bill

Everett’s bill to expand castle doctrine to place of business dies in committee

Denver – House bill 1048 dubbed the “Make My Day Better Bill,” sponsored by Rep. Justin Everett, R-Littleton, died Monday night in the state affairs committee on a party line vote.

“This is a common sense bill that would simply expand the current ‘make my day’ law to places of business,” said Everett.

Representatives from Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and business owners from around the state (many of them women) came to testify in favor of house bill 1048.

“It’s a pity such a common sense, pro-business legislation was scuttled by anti-gun partisans. Colorado’s small business owners deserve the right to defend themselves at work, just as they would at home,” stated Luke O’Dell, Director of Political Affairs for the National Association for Gun Rights.

“I applaud Representative Everett for his leadership to protect small business owners,” said O’Dell.

House bill 1048 would have shifted the presumption of guilt to the presumption of innocence when a situation requires deadly force, and immunize business owners from criminal and civil liabilities.

“Specifically it expands the protection that we have in our homes to our places of business,” stated Everett. “It’s a common sense bill that simply allows citizens the same protection under the law that they enjoy in their own homes.”



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