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Laboratorio Buena Salud

Laboratorio Buena Salud and The National Hispanic Medical Association, Partner up to Provide Better Diagnostic Services to the Latino Community and Physicians

Laboratorio Buena Salud, the only diagnostic laboratory targeting the Latino community and The National Hispanic Medical Association have formally agreed on a strategic partnership to provide access for innovative testing and services to the Hispanic market and NHMA physicians.

“Hispanics represent the largest minority population in the United States and the largest growth of all minority populations,” said Richard Rodriguez Marketing Manager of Laboratorio Buena Salud. This is why BioReference Laboratories launched Laboratorio Buena Salud in October 2012, so the Latino community can have a partner who understands their unique health concerns and work toward enhancing their wellbeing.

Dr. Elena Rios, Executive Director of NHMA said, ” We are excited about the partnership with Laboratorio Buena Salud. We will be helping them to educate our doctors about this great service that is addressing the health needs of a market that continues to be underserved. Laboratorio Buena Salud has my full support to insure they effectively make our community and doctors aware of its services and how they understand the communities health concerns and can address them in their native language.”

Laboratorio Buena Salud and The National Hispanic Medical Association, will be a great partnership between two companies with the same mission which is to educate and enhance the health and wellbeing of the Hispanic community.

To learn more about Laboratorio Buena Salud and how it can best service the needs of the Latino community or your patients, please visitwww.laboratoriobuenasalud.com or call to schedule an appointment with a Physician Representative at 914-220-2271.



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