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Juan Luis Guerra




juan luis guerra

The album from the Dominican singer, composer and producer was recorded live in front of more tan 50,000 fans at the OlympicStadium in Santo Domingo, DR

Includes the first single “Frio, Frio” Feat. Romeo Santos, a duet with Juanes and a collection of the biggest hits from the legendary artist’s illustrious career including “La Bilirrubina”, “Las Avispas” and “Ojala Que Llueva Café”

 “ASONDEGUERRA Tour”, the new live album from Dominican singer, composer and producer JUAN LUIS GUERRA will be released on April 16th in CD and CD/DVD formats. The album, which was recorded at the Olympic Stadium in Santo Domingo is an experience unlike any other.


After visiting more than 20 countries with his International tour, the icon of Latin music returned to his native country of the Dominican Republic where more than 50,000 fans jam-packed the stadium to celebrate alongside Juan Luis Guerra, his 4.40 band and the rain that stormed down from the skies. The magical night will now be available for the world to see.


The album includes the legendary artist’s most recent hits such as “En El Cielo No Hay Hospital”, “Bachata en Fukuoka” and “Mi Bendición” alongside the biggest hits of his illustrious career including the classics “La Bilirrubina”, “Bachata Rosa” and “Ojala Que Llueva Café”. It also includes collobrations with Colombian rocker Juanes on “La Calle” and bachata superstar  Romeo Santos on the album’s first single “Frio, Frio”. The song will be released to radio in the upcoming weeks and will be available for download on iTunes beginning March 12.


Last week Juan Luis Guerra won a “Premio Lo Nuestro A La Musica Latina” award in the category for “Tropical Merengue Artist of the Year”. Prior to accepting his award, Juan Luis opened up the 25th Annual awards ceremony with a special medley of his biggest hits giving a small taste of what is to come with his “ “ASONDEGUERRA Tour” album. The gala was televised live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami on the Univision network. Juan Luis Guerra is also nominated for a Latin Billboard Award in the category of “Solo Tropical Artist of the Year”. The winner will be announced this April in Miami.

Juan Luis Guerra is one of the most accliamed, respected and successful artists in Latin music. His unique style of merengue and bolero music has made him one of the most recognized artists in the world and propelled world-wide sales of more than 14 million albums. He is the winner of two  Grammys and fourteen Latin Grammys, various Latin Billboard Awards and 6 Cassandra Awards (the most prestigious music award in the Dominican Republic).




15.   Apaga y Vámonos

16.   La Bilirrubina

17.   La Travesía

18.   La Llave de Mi Corazón

19.   Mi Bendición

20.   La Calle feat. Juanes

21.   El Niágara en Bicicleta

22.   Visa Para Un Sueño

23.   Frio Frio feat. Romeo Santos

24.   Las Avispas

25.   Bachata en Fukuoka

26.   La Guagua

27.   En El Cielo No Hay Hospital

28.   Ojala Que Llueva Café




18.   Apaga y Vámonos

19.   La Bilirrubina

20.   La Travesía

21.   La Llave de Mi Corazón

22.   Bachata Rosa

23.   La Calle feat. Juanes

24.   Mi Bendición

25.   El Niágara en Bicicleta

26.   Solo Percusión

27.   Visa Para Un Sueño

28.   Las Avispas

29.   Bachata en Fukuoka

30.   La Guagua

31.   Frio Frio feat. Romeo

32.   En El Cielo No Hay Hospital

33.   Medley de Bachatas

34.   A Pedir Su Mano



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