11:52 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Balls, Bells, and Therapy for Weight Loss


CHICAGO – Just in time for New Year’s resolutions about fitness, a new exercise technique is being introduced that incorporates the proven techniques of medicine balls, kettle bells and physical-therapy principles.

The GoXercise program offers strength training techniques people can do at home. Gary Shorter developed the program and equipment to make it easier to get results while reducing the risk of injury.

“They work, and you don’t experience any of the pain and the agony and the potential injury,” he said. “Because that’s the problem with most exercise. Once there’s too much pain involved or you get injured, you stop. The problem with gyms and health clinics is they’re just too extreme for most people. You don’t need all the pain to get the gain. ”

Shorter developed the GoXercise program under the guidance of several doctors and physical therapists in the Chicago area. He also invented the Trans4mer, a product that converts into a kettle bell, exercise ball, dumbbell and medicine ball.

Ingrid Marcum, an internationally known bobsledder and weightlifter, recently tried the Trans4mer and the GoXercise system.

“There are just so many uses, it’s just so versatile,” she said. “Any time you’re increasing the amount of strength that you have in your body, you’re going to be burning calories all day.”

Shorter, who has a degree in industrial engineering, developed the GoXercise system after he received physical therapy for back surgery more than a year ago.

“With physical therapy, we were using things like exercise balls and medicine balls and kettle bells to strengthen your core,” he said. “and I was amazed at how well these things performed, reducing my weight, improving my balance, getting rid of the love handles. ”

The GoXercise program starts at $19.95. You can purchase the Trans4mer for an introductory price of $149.

More information on the GoXercise is online at goxercise.com.



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