2:23 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

El Paso County Public Health’s Laboratory Offers Expanded Water Testing


El Paso County Public Health now offers expanded water testing forpotential inorganic contaminants in private water wells and public water systems.

Public Health’s laboratory is the only facility in the Pikes Peak
region that is certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health
and Environment to perform testing for inorganic contaminants
including fluoride, nitrate-N, nitrite-N and bromide. The laboratory
can also perform chloride, sulfate and ortho-phosphate-P testing.

In El Paso County, homeowners are responsible for testing their
private wells for these contaminants. There are approximately 14,500
private wells in El Paso County serving an estimated 40,000 people.
Previously, residents in the Pikes Peak region requested testing
primarily through labs in the Denver area.

“Public Health’s expanded water testing provides residents in the
Pikes Peak region with more convenient testing options,” said Jill
Law, El Paso County Public Health Director.

Public Health continues to offer microbiological contaminant drinking
water testing. New well and annual testing for microbiological
contamination is recommended because private water wells are affected
by environmental conditions and may experience mechanical breakdowns
over time.

Water testing protects people’s health by determining the presence of
contamination and providing information needed to take steps for water
treatment. The presence of certain contaminants in drinking water can
lead to health issues, including gastrointestinal illness, negative
cosmetic dental affects or weakened tooth enamel and bone.

All water samples must be collected using the appropriate collection
kit which can be obtained from the Public Health laboratory, located
on the second floor of the Citizens Service Center, 1675 W. Garden of
the Gods Road., in Colorado Springs. To request collection bottles be
sent by mail, call the laboratory at (719) 578-3123.

Fees, testing instructions, and fact sheets are provided on El Paso
County Public Health’s website at www.elpasocountyhealth.org

For additional information call (719) 578-3199.



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