3:13 pm - Saturday December 18, 6049

Cadman Response to Morse Gun Bill

DenverToday, Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs) released the following statement regarding Senate President John Morse’s (D-Colorado Springs) proposal for more gun control legislation in Colorado.

“Senator Morse is proposing a full employment act for trial lawyers in an attempt to sue firearms dealers and manufacturers out of existence. This law will also jeopardize law abiding firearms owners as they can be sued into bankruptcy if they have ever owned a firearm that later causes harm or damage under the possession of someone else.

“If this broad policy were applied to any object sold in America, there would be no one willing or able to sell cars, tools, knives, appliances, fuel and the list goes on and on.

“This bill creates new frontiers for holding innocent people liable for the acts of criminals.”



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