8:42 pm - Sunday December 10, 2017

Ark Project In Southern Colorado

Project to include Museums, Theater, Counseling Center, Water Park, Hotel, Restaurants

Superior Design Innovations (SDI), parent company of Honor Hands, an organization that designs products and process of creating lifelike hand molds to commemorate and honor those who have served our country, is planning on building an Ark Project here in Southern Colorado.  The exact location is to be determined.

“SDI is excited to finally able to move ahead with this great opportunity of building the Ark Project,” said Jerry Vinnola of Honor Hands.  “The Ark will include museums, conference rooms, theater, and counseling center on the inside.  Surrounding the Ark, we are planning on building a water park, restaurants, hotels, and service stations, among other commercial structures.  More details on the project will be provided in the months ahead.”

The exact location of the Ark Project is undisclosed at this time but it will be located in Southern Colorado,” said Jerry.

For more info on Honor Hands and the Ark Project, please go online at www.HonorHands.com.



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